Birthday Strawberries

Birthday Strawberries

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12 count

Blow up the balloons… it's time to celebrate a birthday! Our fresh, juicy berries are dipped and decorated with rainbow confetti sprinkles and colorful drizzle just to make someone’s special day exceptional. Each delicious bite will remind them just how happy a birthday can be.24-ct. berries include 8 of the following; 12-ct. includes 4 of the following; 6-ct berries includes 2 of the following:Strawberries dipped in milk chocolaty confection with teal & yellow drizzle
Strawberries dipped in white chocolaty confection with pink & yellow drizzle
Strawberries dipped in milk chocolaty confection with pastel sprinkles

  • 24-count box serves approx. 4 people; 12-count box serves approx. 2 people; 6-count box serves approx. 1 person; serving size 140 grams
  • Sprinkle colors may vary
  • Contains: Milk & Soy. For additional allergy information, click here.
  • May be delivered from a local shop or shipped in a gift box. See Details

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